Samson Servo 300 power amplifier

Samson Servo 300Samson Servo 300Samson has long been established as one of the most popular amplification solutions for the budget home studio with its Servo power amplifier series.

The 150 Watts per channel at 4 Ohms should be enough for most nearfield monitors on a similar price tag. Remember that it is always best for the amplifier to be slightly stronger than the monitors. However please make sure to regulate the output of your studio not to exceed the sound levels available for monitoring.

The new Samson Servo 300 features distinctive 10-segment 3-color level LED meters with volume controls for every channel. The rear panel hosts both 1/4 inch balanced and RCA input connectors as well as 1/4-inch speaker outputs and a a 5-way binding post.

The Servo power amp line also features 4-stage power protection circuitry that ensures protection of connected components from electricity surges combined with maximum performance.

The Servo 300 is a good choice for powering a small PA, or a nearfield home studio monitor pair.

Features of the Samson Servo 300 amplifier

- 150 watts per channel at 4 Ohms
- 300 watts bridged mono at 8 Ohms
- 1/4 inch and RCA input connectors
- 5-way binding post and 1/4-inch outputs
- 10-segment, 3-color Level LED meters
- 4-stage power protection circuitry
- Dual Rack space design

The Samson Servo 300 is really worth considering if you are on a budget and looking for a trusted solution in the 300W range.