Spirit Absolute 2 - Soundcraft monitors

Spirit Soundcraft Absolute 2Spirit Soundcraft Absolute 2If you are looking around for a very affordable speaker with lots of power and good sound quality then Soundcraft has built a product for you. Spirit Absolute 2 is the only loudspeaker for its price range to deliver 100W power.

Spirit Absolute 2 does nicely offering an uncolored, flat frequency response and low distortion at high volume.

The price is a clear winner here and makes up a lot for a lack of all round low frequency coverage that only speakers in the £800 plus range can deliver.

The vented cabinet design with the 6.5"/165mm low-frequency driver gives a balanced bass response. The soft-dome tweeter and crossover try to keep free from any unnatural colouration.

Another useful feature is magnetic compensation allowing Absolute 2 safe use next to video and computer screens as well as the ferro-fluid cooled soft-dome tweeter that puts less strain on your ears after long periods of high-volume monitoring.

You want to keep the speakers in the upright position for best performance and bass response is best when the cabinets are close to a back wall.
The company suggests amplifier power ratings of up to 100 Watts RMS, though more powerful amplifiers can be used with caution.

Connection to Absolute 2 is by high quality terminal which will accept bare wires, 4mm 'bannana' plugs or 6mm fork terminals.

Bi-wiring of the HF and LF connections can be made by removing the shorting links supplied and using two sets of cables from the amplifier.

Spirit Absolute 2 Applications

* Home studio nearfield monitoring
* Multimedia

Spirit Absolute 2 Main Features

* High definition Linear Phase design
* Magnetically compensated
* Crossovers with film capacitors and air-cored inductors
* 25mm ferro-fluid cooled soft dome HF driver
* 165mm cone LF driver and 30mm edge-wound voicecoil
* Terminals allow bi-wiring
* Vented cabinet with special port for smooth low-frequency performance

Spirit Absolute 2 Specifications

* Power Handling (programme) 100 Watts RMS
* Frequency Response (+2dB, -3dB) 45Hz - 20kHz
* Impedance 8 ohms nominal
* Sensitivity, for 2.83V @ 1m 90dB
* Dimensions (HxWxD) 395 x 235 x 297mm
* Weight (net) 7kg (15.4lb) approx