Music Software

The price of software is such that you need to make an informed decision on everything including which platform you are going to use, sequencer, sampler, wave processing, synths, studio FX and music production and mastering tools.

Many manufacturers of audio software also provide hardware solutions. Hardware features extra memory and power for processing CPU-hungry applications such as reverb, compression, vocoders and delay.

It is important to check the compatibility with your PC or Mac to ensure smooth integration with your operating system, CPU power and graphics capabilities.

Cakewalk Sonar Home Studio 6 audio sequencer

Cakewalk has been many years into sequencer software research and development. Sonar which emerged as a stronger product than the flagship then Cakewalk has grown stronger over the years and offers almost the same (if in some cases more) features and tools for a complete sequencing and production platform.


GarageBand - Apple music sequencing software

Apple Inc, since its acquisition of Emagic and their flagship sequencing program Logic Audio has been pushing customers to try out their talents with the entry-level GarageBand sequencing software.


Logic Audio Pro 7 - Audio Sequencer

Logic Pro 7Logic Pro 7 Logic Audio Pro 7 needs little introduction. For years it has been the leading application for music sequencing and audio production that dramatically broadened the capabilities of computer-based studio environments.

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