Sound Cards

Sound cards are central to any home studio set-up as they will help to process your sound by converting signals. Today most good quality sound cards have hardware support for a minimum of 16 digital audio channels and quite often additional CPU power to help with running multiple channels and effects.

USB sound cards are also increasingly popular however Firewire and PCI soundcards are still the preferred formats due to better stability and speed.

PC and Mac sound cards

Auzentech X-FI Prelude 7.1 Sound Card

Auzentech is a very popular and useful sound card for music recording.


Xi Fi Extreme Music

Xi Fi Extreme Music Sound Card is a real help in music recording.


EMU 1212M V2 PCI Sound Card

The EMU 1212M V2 PCI sound card is a bargain solution if you are not looking for a large number of inputs but want guaranteed quality in mic preamps and internal PCI processing.


M-Audio Firewire 410 sound card

The M-Audio FireWire 410 is an audio-MIDI interface that combines power, flexibility, compact size and an affordable price. The 4-inputs and 10-outputs configuration complete with preamplifiers is perfect for audio recording, routing outputs to a mixer or powering surround sound systems. The on-board ASIO 2-compliant mixer and software control panel give routing flexibility, including external effects monitoring.


Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite Pro

Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite ProIf you are looking for an entry level sound card that will deliver power without breaking the bank try the Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite Pro.
A host of new features will help you making music while the card is freeing up valuable CPU.

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