MIDI Keyboards

Using the right controller keyboard will give you more hands-on access for your music in real-time.

Make sure that there are enough keys - and big enough - as well as a series of knobs and modulation wheels so you can tweak frequencies, pitch and other effects. Recording parameters in real time will make them sound so much more 'real'.
Compatibility is also very important and if your heart is set on a particular software platform or sequencer you can now buy dedicated USB self-powered controllers for maximum ease of use.
There are good both electrical and USB powered MIDI keyboards.
The greatest advantage with USB powered keyboards is that you can easily use them with a laptop and they save you from installing yet another plug on your studio set-up.

MIDI controller keyboards

Yamaha YPT200 Portable Keyboard with Portable Grand Function

A truly affordable portable keyboard that also doubles as your own personal music teacher, the YPT200 offers it all 134 voices, 100 accompaniment styles, Yamaha Education Suite, Portable Grand, and General MIDI are just some of the features that this little wonder offers.

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Behringer UMX49 U-Control MIDI Keyboard

The Behringer UMX49 U-Control MIDI Keyboard packs a 49-Key USB/MIDI Controller with USB/Audio Interface, 50 Software Instruments and Ableton Live Lite 4 in one box. The capabilities of this synth are out of sync with the price which starts at just £80. The keyboards flexibility and plenty keys means that you get value for money.

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Edirol PCR-M MIDI Keyboard Controllers

The PCR-M series of MIDI keyboard controllers from Edirol Corporation features the stunning PCR-M30 (32 keys), PCR-M50 (49 keys) and PCR-M80 (61 keys) keyboards. The quality is guaranteed from Edirol and the feel of all the keyboards is of a sturdy solid build.


Oxygen 8 - Midiman MIDI keyboard controller

This portable MIDI keyboard controller is an excellent budget USB-powered solution for the home or project recording studio.
There are enough assignable knobs, modulation wheel and pitch bend wheel, data entry slide, MIDI select button and Control and Program change via numeric keypad to cover your basic real-time recording needs.

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