Oxygen 8 - Midiman MIDI keyboard controller

Oxygen 8Oxygen 8The Oxygen 8 v2 from M-Audio is a mini portable MIDI keyboard controller ideal for laptop and home use.
It owes it's mobility to the USB power source that easily connects to any virtual computer set-up.

The keyboard itself sports 25 full sized keys with eight assignable knobs to control effects, reverb and other modulation and sound morphing effects. The modulation wheel and pitch bend wheel are pretty standard. Nothing outstanding but they get the job done.

The MIDI/Select button and the Reset key are useful additions alongside MIDI Control and Program change by numeric keypad. It makes life a little easier when you are trying to record takes with different sounds and effects control.

The aesthetics are quite pleasing with the exterior all painted in shiny silver. The Oxygen 8 is a great addition to a studio more so if you lack space or don't need a costly full 49-key keyboard.

Oxygen 8 Features

* Control of MIDI systems/software
* 25 full-sized keys (+/- 5 octaves)
* 8 MIDI-assignable control knobs
* Powered via USB, batteries or AC
* 4 lbs—fits in 19” rack
* Ableton Live Lite 4 music production software