MIDI controllers

Using the right controller will enable hands-on access for your music in real-time.

Make sure that there are enough knobs, faders and modulation wheels on your MIDI controller so you can tweak frequencies, pitch and other effects. Recording parameters in real time can boost the 'live' element in your music.
You can now buy dedicated USB self-powered MIDI controllers for maximum ease of use.

Good controller interfaces can help you reduce lead times letting the creativity flow instead.

The Starr Labs Ztar Z7S

Z7S MIDI controller straight from the Starr Labs.


M-Audio Oxygen 8 Midi Controller

M-Audio Oxygen 8: the midi controller with unlimited options


Evolution X-Session MIDI controller

The Evolution X-Session MIDI controller is a revolutionary DJ tool that enables you to scratch, cut loops and mix tracks using a classic 60mm cross-fader. It features 10 assignable buttons that allow you trigger audio loops and digital effects. You can also instantly mute and un-mute tracks. The 16 MIDI assignable knobs give you control over volume, panning, digital effects and other MIDI controlled synth parameters.

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Edirol PCR-M MIDI Keyboard Controllers

The PCR-M series of MIDI keyboard controllers from Edirol Corporation features the stunning PCR-M30 (32 keys), PCR-M50 (49 keys) and PCR-M80 (61 keys) keyboards. The quality is guaranteed from Edirol and the feel of all the keyboards is of a sturdy solid build.


Oxygen 8 - Midiman MIDI keyboard controller

This portable MIDI keyboard controller is an excellent budget USB-powered solution for the home or project recording studio.
There are enough assignable knobs, modulation wheel and pitch bend wheel, data entry slide, MIDI select button and Control and Program change via numeric keypad to cover your basic real-time recording needs.

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