Active and passive nearfield monitors and studio headphones for sound recording. Monitoring is one of the most important areas of music production.
Without a good monitoring system you will be unable to produce music that sounds good in big sound systems and small hi-fi stereo. Save a little more and invest in a robust and reliable pair of monitors.

Yamaha Pocketrak CX – Live Music Recorder

Yamaha tested the market for portable recorders.


Mackie HR824 active studio monitors

Read about the Mackie HR824 active studio monitors, top of the range pair of speakers with a precise frequency response and impressive 250Watt capability.


Tannoy Reveal 5A active studio monitors

Check out Reveal 5A, the new active nearfield studio monitors from Tannoy. 5A is the latest model in the Reveal series and a stripped-down version of the Reveal 8D.


Sennheiser HD 270-V1 - Studio headphones

>Read reviews about the new Sennheiser HD 270-V1 DJ and studio monitoring headphones. Sennheiser has a long history of manufacturing robust quality headphones with at an affordable price. The HD 270-V1 model is a mid-range priced performance pair of headphones ideal for budget DJ and studio use. The guaranteed Sennheiser headphones quality means value for money for yet another winner in HD 270-V1.


Spirit Absolute 2 - Soundcraft monitors

Spirit Soundcraft Absolute 2Affordable studio speaker with lots of power and good sound quality from Soundcraft. Spirit Absolute 2 is the only loudspeaker for its price range to deliver 100W power.

Low distortion nearfield studio monitors.

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