Sennheiser HD 270-V1 - Studio headphones

HD 270-V1HD 270-V1The new Sennheiser HD 270-V1 is a stylish control closed monitoring pair of headphones with good sensitivity and wide dynamic range, ideal for both DJ and studio use.

Sennheiser is a company with a long history of manufacturing robust studio headphones with excellent quality, at an affordable price. The HD 270-V1 model is no exception to the rule.

The design is stylish and the features include the Sennheiser BioNetic design that makes the headphones adapt to the shape of your head. There is a high maximum sound pressure level and a brand new damping element for controlling diaphragm oscillation. Good attenuation of ambient noise and a detachable, single-sided connection cable made from highly conductive OFC copper. Some replaceable parts are also available for this model.

The HD 270-V1 includes a 2-year guarantee, 1 HD 270 control and an adaptor for the stereo jack plug.

The HD 270-V1 are the best value control closed monitoring headphones for the mid-price range and highly recommended for semi-pro DJ use.

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