Behringer UMX49 U-Control MIDI Keyboard

Behringer UMX49 U-Control MIDI KeyboardBehringer UMX49 U-Control MIDI KeyboardThe Behringer UMX49 U-Control MIDI Keyboard packs a 49-Key USB/MIDI Controller with USB/Audio Interface, 50 Software Instruments and Ableton Live Lite 4 in one box. The capabilities of this synth are out of sync with the price which starts at just £80. The keyboards flexibility and plenty keys means that you get value for money.

You can download more virtual instruments and synthesizers from the company website. The Behringer UMX49 U-Control comes packed with features and good key action. The rotary knobs are hard to begin with but they relax after some keyboard usage without becoming too weak.

A good product with a very good price from Behringer.

Features of the Behringer UMX49 U-Control MIDI Keyboard

* 50 virtual instruments and synthesizers.
* Velocity-sensitive USB/MIDI keyboard with 49 full-size keys and real-time control
* USB/audio interface for recording and playback
* DAW Ableton Live Lite 4 software (BEHRINGER Edition)
* Plug and play (Mac OS X / Windows XP)
* 8 real-time rotary controls
* 10 assignable switches
* Full 128 tone range with octave shift function
* Separate MIDI Out for external samplers, synths and other equipment
* Runs via USB bus, batteries or a power adapter
* Good overall build

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