Apple music software and hardware.

The Apple MacBook and music recording

Apple's new products prove to be a great help in music recording.


GarageBand - Apple music sequencing software

Apple Inc, since its acquisition of Emagic and their flagship sequencing program Logic Audio has been pushing customers to try out their talents with the entry-level GarageBand sequencing software.


Mac Pro 2 x 3GHz - Apple computers

The Mac Pro 2 x 3GHz Dual Core Intel Xeon is a serious beast for sequencing, recording and producing music. The operating system is designed for video and audio production so the operation is smooth and seamless.


Logic Audio Pro 7 - Audio Sequencer

Logic Pro 7Logic Pro 7 Logic Audio Pro 7 needs little introduction. For years it has been the leading application for music sequencing and audio production that dramatically broadened the capabilities of computer-based studio environments.

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