Alesis RA150 / RA300 / RA500 studio amplifiers

Alesis RA amplifier seriesAlesis RA amplifier series Alesis has a history in manufacturing powerful performance robust studio amplifiers for nearfield monitors. The RA150, RA300 and RA500 series offer a range of affordable amps in three different power ratings. Although powered speakers are becoming increasingly popular, many speakers and headphones still require external amplification.

These new Alesis amps are designed to provide more power and improved performance at a lower cost than the old RA100. Alesis amps can match the power needs of any passive speaker or studio monitor, offering a significantly better fit for a wide range of budgets and applications. What matters here is the crisp, clean signal for reliable monitoring. The Alesis RA series offers a cool and quiet operation, very important when you spend many hours sequencing and producing. All the amplifiers are designed for studio use incorporating advanced convection cooling. This results in long, stable operation without the noisy fan cooling. The three new RA series amps, RA150, RA300 and RA500 offer a wide range of high-quality, popularly priced solutions. Although not the cheapest on the market they deliver more value for money than any other studio amplifiers.

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