Behringer EP2500 Power Amplifier

Great things certainly come in small packages when you have to illustrate that. Although it has been around for a while, only a few power amps could match the efficiency based on small sized amps. It has become the choice of most professionals and amateurs alike as it also comes in competitive prices.

Casing Durability

One of the best features of the Behringer EP2500 Power Amplifier is its box. The durability is clearly there. A lot of early users of this product have reported that dropping this power amp will never affect the quality of the product in any way. You should be able to enjoy the power amp in different conditions and the quality will stay the same. Heat somehow was anticipated by the manufacturer and as a result, the Behringer EP2500 Power Amplifier comes with a highly efficient fan. But a fan is only half the trick – the fan has been configured to produce virtually no sound at all.

Full Volume

Behringer EP2500 Power Amplifier comes with two 1200-watt channels. This could be easily converted to a whopping 2400 watt amplifier if you push for a mono-sound. This wattage is more than enough in handling the volume. If you want powerful sounds, you can easily enjoy it with this amplifier. Turn the volume knob as high as you can and still experience quality and controlled sound from the power amp.


It has pretty decent options for outputs. Since the price is relatively low, you really can’t expect much from the product. But the sound really makes up for any flaw, if you can find one.

Behringer EP2500 Power Amplifier