Halcro Logic MC 70

Halcro has always dubbed itself as one, if not, the best amplifier manufacturers in the world. This high-end amplifier maker has always blown away gadget reviewers and audiophiles because of highly efficient sound and excellent design. This time, the company has just released Halcro Logic MC70 Seven-Channel Amplifier. It’s a beautiful block amplifier that will easily catch your attention even those that are not familiar with sound quality.

The MC70 requires 350-watts of power per channel. With this power, you can plug-in any type of music or sound and expect high quality output. The power will easily project the sounds in accordance to the low, mid and hi range that you prefer. Absolutely no cracking sound will be experienced as all you’ll hear is crisp digital surround sound through this amplifier. The downside of this power requirement is that this amplifier can get hot fast. You should use this in a relatively colder area to ensure optimal performance all the time. But MC70 cannot melt that fast. It’s sturdy and should be able to handle heat from within.

The best thing about Halcro is the way the treat their customers. Every customer is a valuable customer and all concerns regarding the amplifier will be answered as soon as possible. Your business is highly valued. They will make sure that every penny you spend on MC70 is worth it. The current price of this power amplifier is $7,000 – a hefty price but to a rich audiophile, the price doesn’t really matter.