Korg G1 Guitar Distortion Processor

Every guitarist knows that a distortion in guitar changes everything. The screeching sound that comes out from speakers if there's a guitar with distortion is almost priceless. But for every guitarist, a simple distortion will not do. A distortion should provide distinct sounds that could be customized according to the whim of the musician.

That's where the Korg G1 Guitar Distortion Processor comes in. Developed by one of the most recognized brand for electronic musical instruments and gadgets, this type of distortion processor appeals to beginners and the expert musicians alike. Simple enough to be understood even without instructions, this type of distortion processor could be literally toyed with after an hour of familiarization. Customization is also possible as musicians could play with different sounds.

But you do have to remember that you are just dealing with a distortion and not an fx maker. That's where the confusion comes in and the frustration of some musicians as they confuse this with the fx maker. Korg G1 Guitar Distortion Processor is practically a glorified distortion with option for a wah pedal.

While it lacks the ability to provide elaborate effects, it makes up with the distortion. This type of distortion may be one of the most powerful distortion in the industry. The knobs are also aligned in a very logical manner which helps in the ease of adjustment for any musician. In terms of durability, Korg has been reputed to build some of the most durable gadgets in the industry and this distortion processor is no different.