Edirol MicroCube Power Amplifier

The MicroCube is a unique product of Edirol geared towards guitar players who are always on the road. The MicroCube is essentially a miniature guitar amplifier that runs in 6 AA batteries with an optional AC power adapter. Use fresh batteries on this amplifier and expect 20 hours of continuous use without any problem. The power efficiency alone could make you purchase this product especially when you're looking into mobile entertainment.

Don't be deceived by its miniature size. The MicroCube has a good variety of controls which will let you customize your sounds without any problem. The product has six types of DSP (Digital Signal Processing) which will transform your guitar into something more powerful. It also have 7 COSM amps and a slew of pre-amps that you want to use. There is also a good number of knobs that you can also find in regular guitar amps for better control.

But what makes it truly a guitar amp is the presence of the digital tuning fork. The tuning could be reconfigured up to two semitones. Although you already know how to tune your guitar, nothing can make it more standard than going digital.

The outputs and inputs are also versatile. Although the general layout of the amplifier is for guitars, this amplifier could also be used with other sources of sounds. It has two types of inputs, 1/4 inch and 1/8 inch which is versatile enough for your mp3 players or CD players. The outputs could also be reconfigured for additional sound boxes.