Audio-Technica ATH-A900

The ATH-900 means decent headphones for amateur and even for a few professionals who wanted to have something affordable yet could work in different circumstances. It has a very impressive detailing which eases control of the headphone but still, this headphone is not really for travel. It’s a good headphone to enjoy while sitting and the adjustments are there to let your head slip-in with comfort.

The first few days of ATH-900 are not really that impressive at all. The headphone starts with a powerful low but weak in mid and hi range. But after a few days, the mid and hi are now picking up. Apparently, the gadget is just a little bit rusty and needs to be acquainted with the demanded performance.

The ATH-900 Headphone is also a little bit challenging in terms digital adjustment. As already indicated, the mid and hi range can’t be easily configured and it will take sometime before it could actually provide a good sound. Expect some adjustments every time you use them especially when you’re working with different gadgets. On the other hand, the analog controls of ATH-900 works like magic. It’s a simple control that gets you the sound quality that you need fast.

Audio-Technica has also provided a well designed headphone built with comfort. The pads are perfectly aligned which will improve your surround sound experience. Of course, it could get heavy after a few hours but most closed circumaural headphones do get heavy. The comfort really diminishes that fact that you need to adjust a little bit to have a good sound. It’s a great surround sound headphone without the steep price.