M-Audio Oxygen 8 Midi Controller

M-Audio Oxygen 8 is a very simple midi controller that lets musicians create music with almost unlimited options. It's a lightweight controller since it only comes with 25 keys - enough for only two scales. Oxygen 8 looks very small and its features might look like it had been crammed really hard just to make space for additional functions and buttons. But one spin with this small synthesizer will immediately change your opinion with Oxygen 8.

This midi controller is fully adaptable to any type of performance. Whether for live performance or highly demanding practice and recording session; Oxygen 8 should be able to provide the sounds required by musicians.

The synthesizer also comes with a software wherein it provides additional tools for musicians to further enhance sound. The key are also highly programmable so that automated functions and settings could be achieved in no time.

There are two small downsides to this type of synthesizer. The first one is the limited number of keys. By limiting their product to 25 keys only, amateur musicians will not be able to handle this type of synthesizer without running into problems.

The second downside of Oxygen 8 is the software. While it would be great to have a software, it is often difficult to handle that some musicians would have to practice on it for a long period of time before figuring it out.

The M-Audio Oxygen 8 is a type of midi controller made for experienced musicians. The simplified keyboard and interface should not fool you. The price is also competitive which means you don't have to spend thousands of dollars just to get on the stage or privately play with a great instrument.