The Starr Labs Ztar Z7S

Starr Labs Ztar Z7SStarr Labs Ztar Z7SWhenever you think of Starr Labs, the first thing that you think of is their guitar-like MIDI controllers they make. In fact, this has been their trademark for many years, and it has been working for them. Well, you know the old saying, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! Thus, the Starr Z&S MIDI Controller is yet another controller that is shaped like a guitar.

The important thing to remember about this MIDI controller is the fact that it is (in no way) trying to mirage the capabilities of a normal guitar with that of a MIDI keyboard. If that is what you want the Ztar Z7S keyboard to do, then you are out of luck. However, what it does do is offer great high speed MIDI control for the guitarists of today. The main reason why people use the Ztar Z7S is for the fact that it is the only glitch free guitar synthesis system on the market today. It has a 6 string x 24 fret keyed fingerboard. This, of course, uses cutting edge touch sensing technology. As you can guess, this keyboard is ideal for playing synthesizers.

Other great things about the Ztar Z7S is the fact that it has over 32 separate zones. Each of these zones, of course, come with their own voice, tuning, channel, and sensitivity settings to use. Not only that, but the fingerboard on this system is very well suited for drum mapping and percussion loop playback. It also has a position sensing ribbon controller, as well as a sustain pedal port. As you can clearly see, there are very few things that the Ztar Z7S can't do!