Logic Audio Pro 7 - Audio Sequencer

Logic Pro 7Logic Pro 7 Logic Audio Pro 7 needs little introduction. For years it has been the leading application for music sequencing and audio production that dramatically broadened the capabilities of computer-based studio environments.

Logic Pro 7 is the sequencer of choice for many leading musicians, studio engineers and home studio producers. The advanced features combined with the most logical interface in the industry have made Logic Pro the choice for advanced computer based music production.

The Logic Pro 7 platform allows sound synthesis, complete sequencing capabilities and many professional sound effects for morphing, equalization, compression, reverb and delay effects.

Logic Pro 7 plug-ins

Logic Pro 7 features many new instruments and effects, state-of-the-art loop composition tools. The system is now optimised for the PowerPC G5. processor and exclusive Mac OSX operating system. The latest version provides options for additional processing resources by linking more Macintosh computers via Ethernet up to 128 stereo streams.

The team behind Logic Pro 7 keep coming up with additional software instruments which is always something to look forward to for every new release. These new options expand the range of instruments available.

Modeling synthesizers and a new beatbox plug-in with 25 voices are the latest additions everyone has been talking about. Macintosh have also managed to bring latency to it's lowest level to date with more MIDI processing providing control over external sound devices, software instruments and effects.

There are many software sequencers in the market, Logic Pro however maintains it's place in the top spot yet again with this release.

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