Multimedia and Music Recording Solutions is the online presence of Multimedia Global Solutions. The company offers a wide variety of services related to DVD and CD duplication as well as manufacturing of other products for digital content distribution. Aside from duplication of DVD and CD (for audio), the company also offers Blu-ray discs with specific content as well as packaging.

Their services also highlight the protection of digital content against illegal copies. Through copyright management and protection, they can produce secured content for clients who want to effectively distribute digital products such as music, movies, software etc. Complementing the modern technology is the traditional vinyl production that appeals to music collectors. Citing their extensive experience on music industry and reproduction, they can easily create vinyl records with superior audio quality. They have been manufacturing vinyl records for 50 years and their extensive experience recommends them in this sector. also outlines their capability to support their customers during the post-order process. They have an extensive return policy made to help distributors as well as aid the environment through recycling and proper disposal. The website also outlines the IT infrastructure of their company especially on their capability for DVD and CD duplication. Everything the client needs to know before and after the sales process is outlined on their official website.

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