Samsung SyncMaster 205BW TFT monitor

Samsung SyncMaster 205BW TFT monitorSamsung SyncMaster 205BW TFT monitor
The Samsung SyncMaster 205BW is one of the best 20' screens for the money, so very good value overall that beats most of it's rivals. It has a stylish silver finish and good controls for height adjustment and a solid base. But this is not the biggest advantage of the Samsung SyncMaster 20'. You guessed it, its the picture quality. Maybe this is not perfection, or as good as some of its more expensive extended family of monitors, but the SyncMaster 205BW steals the show in terms of brightness, contrast and colours.

Gives you enough space for most of the applications and sits really well as a second monitor to a 21' or 22' to cover ever the most demanding sequencing (on one screen) and mixing (on the other) for pro or semi-pro applications.

The Samsung SyncMaster 205BW is one to consider if you are looking for that special second monitor.

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